role CompUnit::PrecompilationRepository


This class provides stubs for each of the following methods. The methods are provided by sub-classes, such as PrecompilationRepository::File. Sub-classes are implementation dependent.


method new-unit

method new-unit(| --> CompUnit::PrecompilationUnit:D)
{ ... }

Prepare a new implementation specific PrecompilationUnit for storage

method load-unit

method load-unit(CompUnit::PrecompilationId $compiler-id,
            CompUnit::PrecompilationId $precomp-id)
{ ... }

Load the precompilation identified by the pairing of the specified compiler and precompilation ID.

method load-repo-id

method load-repo-id(CompUnit::PrecompilationId $compiler-id,
            CompUnit::PrecompilationId $precomp-id)
{ ... }

Return the repository id for which the specified precomp file's dependencies have been validated

method store-file

method store-file(CompUnit::PrecompilationId $compiler-id,
             CompUnit::PrecompilationId $precomp-id,
             IO::Path:D $path,
             :$extension = '')
{ ... }

Store the file at the specified path in the precompilation store, under the given compiler ID and precompilation ID.

method store-unit

method store-unit(CompUnit::PrecompilationId $compiler-id,
             CompUnit::PrecompilationId $precomp-id,
             CompUnit::PrecompilationUnit $unit)
{ ... }

Store the given precompilation unit in the precompilation store under the given compiler ID and precompilation ID.

method store-repo-id

method store-repo-id(CompUnit::PrecompilationId $compiler-id,
             CompUnit::PrecompilationId $precomp-id,
{ ... }

Store the given repo-id for a precompilation under the given compiler ID and precompilation ID.

method delete

method delete(CompUnit::PrecompilationId $compiler-id,
              CompUnit::PrecompilationId $precomp-id)
{ ... }

Delete an individual precompilation.

method delete-by-compiler

method delete-by-compiler(CompUnit::PrecompilationId $compiler-id)
{ ... }

Delete all precompilations for a particular compiler.

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